K-12 and Higher Education Curriculum

Move Live Learn is more than qualified to deliver innovative curricula supported by the most current research. Drawing from years of Lead-Writer experience, we develop cross-curricular models that are completed with transparent collaboration from specific content teachers and administrators throughout the entire process.

But our involvement doesn't end there. Once the curriculum is created, we feel strongly that providing suggestions for teaching, learning, and assessing are critical in order to adequately support the teachers who will be implementing it.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Amanda Stanec draws upon years of experience and insights from the education, sport, and wellness fields in her talks. A charismatic presenter, Amanda can relate audience-specific, evidence-based information that's as uplifting and inspirational as it is relevant.

Passionate about supporting all people to live healthier lives, Amanda uses her keen sense of humor and approachable style to interact with audiences. Whatever the need–youth sport organizations seeking parent education, schools combating PE issues, corporate workplaces in need of employee wellness training–if it's related to advocating the benefits of physical literacy, Amanda is ready, willing and more than able to help.

She is available for half or multiple day employee, teacher, athlete, and/or coaching workshops. Prior to appearing, Amanda will work directly with you in order to plan the optimal experience for all attendees.

Coaching Development

Move Live Learn strongly believes our principles of coaching development are essential tools for coaches to apply in the mentoringof youths at every skill level. Our consulting services are related to both coaching education and the evaluation of coaching. We also have years of experience evaluating sport associations and sectors.

Our individual or coaching staff development offering is a one-on-one program to help coaches understand:

  • Communication and leadership styles
  • Establishing community within a team
  • Differential instruction for a variety of skill levels
  • Help players set appropriate goals

Move Live Learn also offers group coaching development for same school or travel sport clubs centered upon:

  • Positive coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Establishing a positive motivational climate
  • Mental skill training techniques

With a strong understanding of physical literacy and its place within a sport framework, combined with our mastery of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, we are well equipped to address, implement, and support your specific needs.

Corporate Wellness

Move Live Learn is available to help you plan, implement, and evaluate wellness initiatives for your business. And considering a Harvard study where researchers determined a $3.27 drop in medical costs for every $1.00 spent on wellness programs, working with us is a sound investment.

Our individualized programs offer practical tips backed by the science around health and productivity. As skilled researchers, we’ll document the effects of the programs through a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods in order to provide you with tangible, accurate results. The size of your company does not matter.

Public Health

If your organization can benefit from the pragmatic results of detailed-oriented researchers obsessed with meeting deadlines, Move Live Learn is at your service. Competent and punctual, we have numerous contacts in areas related to education, wellness, physical education, physical activity and health.

We offer a current and connected approach to complete reviews of literature, support applications for grant funding, develop knowledge summaries–including identifying knowledge gaps in the literature–and completing environmental scans on topics related to all aspects of health, wellness and activity.

Health Coaching

Since education is the key to understanding, we strongly believe understanding is the key to motivate action. Move Live Learn health coaches provide a customized six-month program to help clients achieve their health goals through attainable lifestyle and behavioral changes.

Working individually or in small groups, this supportive six-month program is not about quick fixes or crash diets. It’s an evidence-based, holistic approach utilizing the latest health and wellness strategies.

Upon completing the program, motivated participants will have gained the insights, confidence and empowerment to take control of their own health.